The Home Lighting Insulation Cage (i-Cage ) is a unique solution to make downlight driver installation easy, while maintaining performance when covered
with thermal insulation.



  • Originally designed by Home Lighting for NZ environment
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Fire resistance rating: V0
  • Weight: 13.5g





LED Downlight Drivers Over or Under Insulation?

We are seeing some manufacturers and importers claiming their LED drivers can be covered in building insulation.

Up until now, Home Lighting have insisted that all our drivers should be located above any building insulation for good reason.

All drivers contain electronic components that are typically mounted on a PCB and contained in a housing. One of the most heat sensitive components is the capacitor which normally has a Tc of around 70-75°C.

The Tc is the critical maximum allowable operating temperature of the weakest component in the driver and in most cases is the capacitor. If this temperature is exceeded for extended periods, the capacitor will dry out, change value and then the circuit will fail.

However, we continued to research if there was a way around this problem, other than simply placing the drivers on top of insulation, which added complicity for the installer.

And we found there was – so we are proud to introduce the Home Lighting Insulation Cage
( i-Cage ).

By simply increasing the air gap around the driver we have been able to decrease the capacitor temperature by over 20 °C. The i-Cage has been specifically engineered to best-fit standard Home Lighting drivers.

This will insure stated lifetime of the product will not be compromised, while making installation easy!

You decide – are you happy to cover LED drivers with insulation without the i-Cage?