• Great value dichroic halogen lamps providing an excellent option for budget-conscious consumers.
  • 20W, 35W and 50W
  • MR16/GUS 5.3 base
  • Up to 4,000 hours lamp life
  • Pack size: 20
SKU Description Wattage (w) Pack Size Lamp Base
171900CC DICH 20W BAB/38D ENCL Backorder allowed 20W 20 MR16/GU5.3
219470CC DICH 35W FMW/38D ENCL 35W 20 MR16/GU5.3
588230CC DICH 50W EXN/38D ENCL 50W 20 MR16/GU5.3
219160CC DICH 50W FNV/60D ENCL 50W 20 MR16/GU5.3