The Challenge

In a competitive sports market having the best product displayed beautifully is paramount. Nike New Zealand’s store located in Newmarket recognised this need as they embarked on constructing their new space. ‘’With a market capitalisation of $197.8 billion, Nike’s global prominence set high expectations for the store’s aesthetics and functionality.’’

Elevating Presentation and Functionality 

The client sought a lighting solution that went beyond mere illumination. They desired adjustable and functional lights that would seamlessly integrate with the store’s design while meeting the specific demands of showcasing Nike’s diverse product range. Furthermore, there was an emphasis on adhering to a set timeframe and budget, requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Crafting a Customised Lighting Solution 

Nike New Zealand engaged Signify, a leading lighting solutions provider, to address their unique requirements. Signify’s approach involved the careful selection of a hero product that could deliver both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The chosen product was the Pierlite (a brand of Signify) Cilindro Track Light GEN3, boasting an impressive high color rendering light source, three interchangeable lenses and passive cooling heatsink. A total of 166 fittings were strategically incorporated into the store, with a colour temperature of 4000K and a sleek black finish.

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Planning and Implementation 

The project involved meticulous planning. Signify’s team collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements. Transparent and timely communication was prioritised throughout the project to ensure that every aspect aligned with the client’s expectations.

Enhancing Visibility and Customer Experience 

The implementation of Signify’s lighting solution yielded transformative results. The store’s new lighting system significantly increased the visibility of Nike’s products, eliminating glare and harsh lighting. This enhancement created a seamless and inviting environment for customers to explore the merchandise, aligning with Nike’s commitment to delivering a premium shopping experience. 

Timely Solutions and Effective Communication 

The client expressed satisfaction with the project, highlighting Signify’s commitment to timely and transparent communication. Signify not only addressed the client’s pain points but also provided a tailored solution that surpassed expectations. The successful collaboration between Nike Newmarket Broadway and Signify stands as a testament to the effectiveness of understanding client needs and delivering innovative solutions.  

“The project was completed promptly, delivering excellent results. The enhanced lighting strategically illuminates key areas crucial for showcasing our merchandise. From changing rooms to the storefront and back of the house, the overall high-quality lighting significantly accentuates our products. Exceptional job!”

Ed Saggers, Manager of NIKE NZ

Signify’s Expertise in Action 

As organisations seek to elevate their retail spaces, Signify remains a reliable partner, offering customized solutions to illuminate and enhance any project.

To discover how Signify can illuminate your organisation’s next project, contact us for a consultation.