About Us

40 years of experience and a dynamism which takes us into the future. The PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING Group is an international player within the lighting industry.

Headquartered at Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona, and with important production units in Germany, Belgium, and the United States, PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING has established itself amongst one of the main industrial entities in the sector of professional lighting, confirming its unique heritage of skills whilst at the same time maintaining a continuous enthusiasm for innovation, enabling the Group to become a solid global reference in the world of design and architecture.

Vision & Mission

Vision: “We are a global Group with a local attitude”.

Today’s world increasingly emphasises globalization and the single market. Over the years our company has become an international group with multiple offices around the world, but our connection with the territory and community has never been forgotten. Instead, its development has been cultivated and promoted in each of the countries where we operate. With this in mind, we embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and commit ourselves every day to issues that are fundamental to us, such as equal opportunities for all our workers and the well-being of the people who work with us and the communities in which we operate.

Mission: “In search of perfect performance: to offer technologically innovative lighting fixtures with maximum safety and durability over time”.

40 years of innovation in lighting are our strength and what keeps us towards an increasingly technological future oriented more and more towards the well-being of people. Technology and well-being, in lighting this combination represents the opportunity to never stop researching, innovating and experimenting to obtain cutting-edge lighting fixtures, that also save energy, are durable and use increasingly sustainable and recyclable materials.

Made iN

PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING is an international group based in Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona, Italy, with important manufacturing sites in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the USA. With over 700 employees and numerous affiliated companies which allow us to have a global vision on the lighting world. An international voice with a stylistic approach well anchored in “Made in Italy” and a technological research worthy of the best “Made in Germany”.

All PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING brand products are conceptualised, designed, engineered and tested in our facilities and utilise only leading brand components. With rare exception, all products are also assembled in our factories.

To provide clarification for our customers, we have decided to indicate on the inside label of each product where each phase occurs, from product concept to marketing.