We are proud to announce our KIMBAL engineered by DOT Downlights has been awarded the IESANZ (New Zealand Chapter) Excellence Award for Innovation 2021

38 years of experience exclusively on the research and development of commercial downlights has resulted in the release of the KIMBAL Series. The most versatile, high performing, environmentally friendly, competitively priced downlights in the DOT range encompass the latest LED technology together with recommendations from leading Engineers, Architects and Electricians.


The Challenge

The challenge was to produce a competitively priced downlight, versatile enough to be installed in commercial projects worldwide.

To be commercially successful it would have to be adjustable and compete with the best luminaires offered by worldwide industry leaders.

Architects and engineers demands for such a downlight were identified as:

  • Optimum performance
  • Offer directional flexibility of the emitted beam
  • Easy to install
  • Offer a wide variety of beam options and accessories
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Competitively priced
  • Produced without depleting natural resources
  • Reliable
  • Compliant with international regulations

The Kimbal KA6 adjustable downlight was designed to meet these challenges.

Optimum Performance

The light sources chosen for the Kimbal Adjustable Downlight are Chip on Board LED’s produced by CREE.

These industry leading COBs, together with optimum thermal management (achieved through a bespoke Kimbal engineered heatsink) offer up to 6,500 delivered lumens from the downlight; sufficient light output for most commercial applications.

Advanced designs and materials used in Kimbal reflectors produce efficacies exceeding 125 lumens per watt after all system losses.

Directional flexibility of the emitted beam

Commercial, high output LED downlights need large heatsinks to optimise the life of the LEDs.

The weight of these heatsinks can cause unwanted movement of the core of an adjustable downlight when it is not in a vertical position.

Kimbal has an exclusive, patented beam adjustable system. The system features locking screws which firmly hold the core of the downlight in its desired position.

The system allows full 360 degree rotation and up to 30 degree tilt of the light beam from the downlight.

Ease of Installation

The Kimbal Adjustable Downlight can be easily installed in ceilings up to 30mm thick.

Removal from its mounting surface is just as simple; loosening the dual purpose beam locking screws releases the torsion springs on the two mounting arms. This allows the downlight to be removed without damage to the mounting surface.

A wide variety of beam options and accessories

A unique, tool free, vertical engagement design allows a variety of reflectors and accessories to be easily and firmly fitted to Kimbal adjustable downlights after they are installed.

Accessories and reflectors which control beam angles ranging from 30 to 95 degrees are available.

Coloured lenses as well as IP65, IP6X and IP54 rated accessories can also be fitted after the downlight is installed.

Avoidance of depletion of natural resources

Every component of the Kimbal adjustable downlight is either recyclable or reusable.

Kimbal has also has been designed to enable easy replacement of its electronic control gear and LED light source due to future technological advances or at end of life.

The life of the LED COBs @L90/B10 is > 75,000 Hrs.

Only biodegradable packaging and re-usable cloth bags are used to protect Kimbal downlights after assembly.


The build quality and best available materials used in Kimbal adjustable downlights ensure the reliability of the fittings.

The Kimbal chassis carries an industry first, 20 year warranty. All other parts carry a five year warranty provided the downlight is installed as per its installation instructions.

Award winning designs for customisable downlights to suit your needs

The DOT Downlight range was first introduced in 1983, designed and Constructed in New Zealand by Nimbus Lighting Group.

For the last 45 years Nimbus Lighting Group has solely focused on the research, development and construction of Downlights resulting in a significant advantage over most competitors whose R&D budget is spread across many lighting segments.

This has resulted in a number of multi award winning designs.

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