LEDsmart+ Rotary Phase Dimmer & Switch


  • Compatible with PDL 600, PDL Saturn Zen, Legrand Excel, Clipsal 2000 and HPM Excel XLP770 switch plates
  • Integrated tap on/off switch
  • Phase dimming and switching control for LED lamps and light fixtures
  • Excellent compatibility with other lamps such as incandescent lamps, 12V halogen (dichroic) lamps/ transformers and CFL’s
  • 1W - 400W load
  • Fully programmable functions such as minimum brightness, maximum brightness, kickstart, LED indicator
  • Minimum brightness typically 0%
  • Quick-flick to dim to minimum or maximum
  • Double tap to dim to minimum or maximum over 30 minutes
  • Separately switched 2-wire design
  • no neutral wire connection required for wall plate retrofit installation
  • Integrated LED indicator illuminates the dimmer knob
  • Incorporates a thermal fuse to protect itself against overheating
  • “Soft-start” to help prolong the lamp and driver life
  • Inherent immunity to installation wiring short circuit fault
  • Warranty*: 2 year
Dimming Technology