The Challenge

In a competitive sports market having the best product displayed beautifully is paramount. Nike New Zealand’s store located in Newmarket recognised this need as they embarked on constructing their new space. ‘’With a market capitalisation of $197.8 billion, Nike’s global prominence set high expectations for the store’s aesthetics and functionality.’’

Elevating Presentation and Functionality 

The client sought a lighting solution that went beyond mere illumination. They desired adjustable and functional lights that would seamlessly integrate with the store’s design while meeting the specific demands of showcasing Nike’s diverse product range. Furthermore, there was an emphasis on adhering to a set timeframe and budget, requiring meticulous planning and execution.

Crafting a Customised Lighting Solution 

Nike New Zealand engaged Signify, a leading lighting solutions provider, to address their unique requirements. Signify’s approach involved the careful selection of a hero product that could deliver both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The chosen product was the Pierlite (a brand of Signify) Cilindro Track Light GEN3, boasting an impressive high color rendering light source, three interchangeable lenses and passive cooling heatsink. A total of 166 fittings were strategically incorporated into the store, with a colour temperature of 4000K and a sleek black finish.

Click here for more information on the Pierlite Cilindro Track Light GEN3

Planning and Implementation 

The project involved meticulous planning. Signify’s team collaborated closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements. Transparent and timely communication was prioritised throughout the project to ensure that every aspect aligned with the client’s expectations.

Enhancing Visibility and Customer Experience 

The implementation of Signify’s lighting solution yielded transformative results. The store’s new lighting system significantly increased the visibility of Nike’s products, eliminating glare and harsh lighting. This enhancement created a seamless and inviting environment for customers to explore the merchandise, aligning with Nike’s commitment to delivering a premium shopping experience. 

Timely Solutions and Effective Communication 

The client expressed satisfaction with the project, highlighting Signify’s commitment to timely and transparent communication. Signify not only addressed the client’s pain points but also provided a tailored solution that surpassed expectations. The successful collaboration between Nike Newmarket Broadway and Signify stands as a testament to the effectiveness of understanding client needs and delivering innovative solutions.  

“The project was completed promptly, delivering excellent results. The enhanced lighting strategically illuminates key areas crucial for showcasing our merchandise. From changing rooms to the storefront and back of the house, the overall high-quality lighting significantly accentuates our products. Exceptional job!”

Ed Saggers, Manager of NIKE NZ

Signify’s Expertise in Action 

As organisations seek to elevate their retail spaces, Signify remains a reliable partner, offering customized solutions to illuminate and enhance any project.

To discover how Signify can illuminate your organisation’s next project, contact us for a consultation.

Reducing the indoor transmission risk

Every day, healthcare organisations like SA Health rely on Pierlite’s Aether air-cleansing luminaire to reduce the indoor transmission risk of airborne pathogens and deliver safer indoor environments to both patients and clinical staff.

Earlier this year, SA Health installed 33 Aether units at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, a major tertiary hospital in Adelaide’s northeast that provides critical medical, surgical, obstetric and diagnostic services to a catchment of more than 300,000 South Australians. Among its specialist facilities is a state-of-the-art cancer centre, large emergency department, cardiology, ICU, infectious diseases, imaging, rehabilitation and allied health.

Seamless integration with existing hospital safety protocols

The 33 Aether units are installed and operating across the Lyell McEwin Hospital in its waiting rooms and corridors, using UV-C LED and medical grade HEPA H-13 technology to eliminate 99.995% of airborne viruses and bacteria. Operating unobtrusively and continuously, Aether delivers cleansed air to clinical staff, patients and their families.

Mr Hieu Pham, Strategic Asset Manager for SA Health’s Northern Adelaide Local Health Network says the installation of Aether has strengthened indoor air safety at the hospital and will allow the hospital to operate confidently through colder periods.

“Our hospital has long had comprehensive air safety protocols at the bedside. Recent years however have shown air safety coverage must extend hospital-wide to waiting rooms, corridors, bathrooms and offices. We have implemented  Pierlite’s Aether fittings across these rooms as a medical-grade technology solution to better protect our patients and clinical staff.”

“Pierlite’s Aether fittings have integrated seamlessly with existing safety protocols at the hospital. They have given us the the confidence of operating safely and uninterrupted through both warmer and cooler months, protecting patients and ensuring we can stay firmly focused on delivering the best standard of patient care.”

It is trusted technologies like Aether that support safer environments indoors for public and private providers in Australia’s healthcare sector.

Learn more about the Aether LED Troffer below:

We are proud to announce our KIMBAL engineered by DOT Downlights has been awarded the IESANZ (New Zealand Chapter) Excellence Award for Innovation 2021

38 years of experience exclusively on the research and development of commercial downlights has resulted in the release of the KIMBAL Series. The most versatile, high performing, environmentally friendly, competitively priced downlights in the DOT range encompass the latest LED technology together with recommendations from leading Engineers, Architects and Electricians.


The Challenge

The challenge was to produce a competitively priced downlight, versatile enough to be installed in commercial projects worldwide.

To be commercially successful it would have to be adjustable and compete with the best luminaires offered by worldwide industry leaders.

Architects and engineers demands for such a downlight were identified as:

  • Optimum performance
  • Offer directional flexibility of the emitted beam
  • Easy to install
  • Offer a wide variety of beam options and accessories
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Competitively priced
  • Produced without depleting natural resources
  • Reliable
  • Compliant with international regulations

The Kimbal KA6 adjustable downlight was designed to meet these challenges.

Optimum Performance

The light sources chosen for the Kimbal Adjustable Downlight are Chip on Board LED’s produced by CREE.

These industry leading COBs, together with optimum thermal management (achieved through a bespoke Kimbal engineered heatsink) offer up to 6,500 delivered lumens from the downlight; sufficient light output for most commercial applications.

Advanced designs and materials used in Kimbal reflectors produce efficacies exceeding 125 lumens per watt after all system losses.

Directional flexibility of the emitted beam

Commercial, high output LED downlights need large heatsinks to optimise the life of the LEDs.

The weight of these heatsinks can cause unwanted movement of the core of an adjustable downlight when it is not in a vertical position.

Kimbal has an exclusive, patented beam adjustable system. The system features locking screws which firmly hold the core of the downlight in its desired position.

The system allows full 360 degree rotation and up to 30 degree tilt of the light beam from the downlight.

Ease of Installation

The Kimbal Adjustable Downlight can be easily installed in ceilings up to 30mm thick.

Removal from its mounting surface is just as simple; loosening the dual purpose beam locking screws releases the torsion springs on the two mounting arms. This allows the downlight to be removed without damage to the mounting surface.

A wide variety of beam options and accessories

A unique, tool free, vertical engagement design allows a variety of reflectors and accessories to be easily and firmly fitted to Kimbal adjustable downlights after they are installed.

Accessories and reflectors which control beam angles ranging from 30 to 95 degrees are available.

Coloured lenses as well as IP65, IP6X and IP54 rated accessories can also be fitted after the downlight is installed.

Avoidance of depletion of natural resources

Every component of the Kimbal adjustable downlight is either recyclable or reusable.

Kimbal has also has been designed to enable easy replacement of its electronic control gear and LED light source due to future technological advances or at end of life.

The life of the LED COBs @L90/B10 is > 75,000 Hrs.

Only biodegradable packaging and re-usable cloth bags are used to protect Kimbal downlights after assembly.


The build quality and best available materials used in Kimbal adjustable downlights ensure the reliability of the fittings.

The Kimbal chassis carries an industry first, 20 year warranty. All other parts carry a five year warranty provided the downlight is installed as per its installation instructions.

Award winning designs for customisable downlights to suit your needs

The DOT Downlight range was first introduced in 1983, designed and Constructed in New Zealand by Nimbus Lighting Group.

For the last 45 years Nimbus Lighting Group has solely focused on the research, development and construction of Downlights resulting in a significant advantage over most competitors whose R&D budget is spread across many lighting segments.

This has resulted in a number of multi award winning designs.

Catalogues / Resources

Media Release

3 May 2022

Pierlite’s acquisition by Signify strengthens its position in the Australian and New Zealand lighting markets

Sydney, Australia, Pierlite, a lighting and technology market leader in Australia and New Zealand, today confirms the completion of its acquisition by Signify, the world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for Internet of Things (IoT). The acquisition strengthens Pierlite’s position in the Australian and New Zealand lighting markets and provides considerable growth opportunities – including those between Pierlite’s luminaire portfolios and Signify’s connected lighting solutions.

Gustav Arianto, Chief Executive Officer of Pierlite says the transaction will greatly benefit Pierlite’s ANZ customer base.

“Continuing a long 70-year history of growth and leadership in the Australia and New Zealand market, we are thrilled to be marking a new chapter today at Pierlite as part of the Signify portfolio. Our ANZ customers have plenty to look forward to as a result of Pierlite joining Signify, including an expanded product offering, world-leading R&D and enhanced sales and distribution capabilities.”

Combining Pierlite’s strong customer relationships and indoor portfolio for the healthcare, education, commercial and industrial building segments with Signify’s comprehensive Philips brand of indoor and outdoor portfolios creates a substantial breadth of offer and market coverage in the Pacific region. Furthermore, it provides Pierlite wide access to the wholesale channel that is complementary to Signify’s own channel strategy in the Pacific.

The acquisition is in-line with Signify’s strategy of expanding within highly attractive market segments. It brings together the R&D and innovation capabilities of a global leader with the significant expertise and network of a Pacific-based company with a heritage spanning more than 70 years.


For further information, please contact:

Pierlite Australia and New Zealand

Sam Sinclair

Phone: +61 415 515 233


Signify Communications Australia

Mike Heyns


About Pierlite

With a 70–year history, Pierlite is Australia and New Zealand’s leading lighting solutions provider for commercial, industrial and healthcare applications. From architecturally creative designs, technically sophisticated emergency lighting systems, energy efficient, high performance commercial luminaires or completely new custom designed products, we have the innovative lighting solution to suit your requirements.

Customer-centricity is nothing new. Whether you’re a CEO or a business student, we’ve all been told time and time again that we need to focus on customers. So, why am I here writing yet another article about the importance of being customer-centric? Haven’t we all heard enough about this topic? I believe no matter how much you read about customers or interact with them, there’s always more to learn. In this piece, I’ll be taking you through my views on customer-centricity as a current Country Manager of Pierlite New Zealand and former General Manager of Sales.

Where there’s a need, there’s a business. Customers and clients seeking products or services are at the heart of every business. Pierlite is no different. For us, the satisfaction of our customers is what defines everything we do. Some people ask me, as country manager, why am I so focused on clients? Don’t we have a dedicated sales and customer service team for that? While it’s true that Pierlite has talented and passionate customer-facing employees, the sales and service departments aren’t the only ones thinking about customers on a daily basis. Our customers shape the goals and tasks of every other department at Pierlite. 

Personally, I find it hard to believe that a business can be truly successful without this sort of customer-centricity. We must be continually adapting areas such as our products, services, marketing campaigns, and advertisements to cater to our customers – whether they’re returning customers or potential customers. Almost every industry is built around its customers. For example, whether you’re in engineering, IT, hospitality, construction, retail, or entertainment, your source of income will be from your clients or customers. Therefore, they should be at the heart of every department in your business.

While no two customer bases are the same, many business competitors have overlapping customers. That’s why it’s essential to prove to your customers that you can serve them best. Every business does this differently, but there are some common ideas of customer-centricity shared across many organisations. This includes developing a complex understanding of your customer base’s identity.

At Pierlite, we research our customers’ needs and wants through methodologies such as market segmentation, behavioural observation, and industry and competitor analysis. These methods allow us to consider our customers through a diverse lens and to celebrate them as individuals, rather than as a singular identity. 

We also seek feedback, good and bad, directly from our customers and partners. This enables us to get to know our customers on a personal and qualitative level. When it comes to understanding your unique customer base, you cannot simply rely on academic journals, third-party statistics, and desktop research alone. At Pierlite, we love talking to our customers, not just about our products and services but also about their day, their interests, hobbies, lifestyles – pretty much everything down to their favourite coffee spot. Having this information in the back of our minds allows us to have a genuine relationship with our customers that no online research could provide. 

We are very fortunate to have such high levels of feedback and information shared with us by our wholesale partners. One of our large clients conducts annual internal surveys across their branches. They openly share the feedback from this survey with their network, which includes Pierlite, allowing us to identify what we can do better for them each year. Another wholesaler partners with us for their national roadshow. This gives us an opportunity to have genuine discussions with their staff and customers in a low-pressure environment. I’ve found that in relaxed environments, people can be more open and honest with you, which is an excellent way for us to get sincere feedback.  

Getting feedback is one thing, but acting upon the criticism is another. I’m lucky enough to have a responsive and passionate sales team that love feedback as much as I do – I honestly believe we have the best sales team in the industry. Our sales team take each and every piece of customer feedback seriously. Their dedication to constant improvement never fails to impress me. Even when criticism is blunt and harsh, our sales team never views the situation negatively. Instead, they are excited to reinvent their processes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Criticism is also a fantastic chance for the entire Pierlite team to align with customer needs, deliver better solutions, and develop even greater products. It is a privilege to gain insights on what’s working, and what’s not from different branches and contractors. Through our commitment to constant advancement and customer satisfaction, Pierlite is well on its way to being the most flexible, nimble, and customer-centric branded lighting supplier in the country.

At Pierlite, our primary customers are wholesalers, and we work closely with them to ensure their extended network of customers are satisfied. Our wholesaler customers might include wholesalers who stock Pierlite products on shelves right through to ones that work on key industry projects across the country. We also interact with a variety of other customers throughout the year, including end-users of our products. No two customers are the same. So how do we ensure that all of them receive the service and solutions that they need from us? Excellent customer service and high-quality products are a given. Pierlite also go above and beyond to ensure our customers receive the best solutions to their problems. One way we do this is by closely working with electrical contractors, electrical consultants (such as engineers or designers), developers, and installers. By partnering with a range of industry experts, we can recognise and support the needs of the project, asset owner, and client. 

As a result of having such a diverse customer base, we need to adapt the way we respond to customer needs and how we measure our efficacy across different customers. For one of our wholesalers, stock availability and responsive customer service are the key measures. For developers and consultants, having clear information that is readily accessible and 100% reliable is key. For contractors, the top factors we cater to are the importance of easily installable products, products that are designed for local conditions (such as the more volatile power supply that regional New Zealand often has), and products that are easily accessible.

Customer service doesn’t only fall on our sales team. Every department at Pierlite is focused on the same goal of maximising customer satisfaction. Currently, Pierlite’s Operation Manager and their team are working with one of our largest clients to ensure we create the best possible solutions for the client. We also have an in-house marketing team based in New Zealand that allows us to create specification documentation made for clients and tailored to the products that we use. As another example, Pierlite also has an in-house Lighting Design team that enables us to create full project solutions and options. This reduces the workload for consultants while ensuring that the most current and innovative ranges are being offered. Our team is adaptable, communicative, and organised to ensure that our customers receive an abundance of whatever they need most. 

Every business is different, and “going above and beyond” for your customers may not involve working with electrical consultants. Think about how your business supports its customers. Are you conducting adequate research? Are you asking customers what you can do better? Do you always have your customers’ best interests in mind? Maybe you’ve already discussed this in a business meeting you attended a few years ago, or maybe it’s already written down in a company brief. However, if this is the extent to which you assess your customers’ identity, then it’s not enough. Customer needs and desires change all the time, even if it’s only on a minor level. Strong businesses recognise and adapt to these changes accordingly. Just take the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, when unprecedented public health orders were put in place, people’s needs changed. Some businesses became redundant, many shifted their products and services online, and others changed their entire marketing strategy. At Pierlite, we focused on streamlining remote communication with our customers, as well as creating intelligent lighting solutions that would directly address COVID-19 and help keep communities safe, such as Pierlite Connect

Pierlite is constantly working on innovative new projects to meet our customers’ current and future needs. For many businesses, it can be daunting to plan for a future project as it takes up time and resources and without any immediate benefits. However, if your business knows your customers as well as we know ours, you may find that the benefits outweigh the risks.

At Pierlite, our complex knowledge of our customers allows us to understand the long-term needs of a project. Therefore, the success of our projects, such as Pierlite Connect, far outweighs its immediate cost as customers are receptive to the product when it launches. It’s this preparedness that sets Pierlite apart from our competitors – we often know what our customers need before they do.

Setting yourself apart from competitors is a key part of developing a strong customer base. Every business wants to outperform their competitors and be the first choice for customers. Like everything else in business, surpassing your competitors requires customer-centricity. At Pierlite, we stand out from our competitors because we understand our customers. For example, we are unique because we have international expertise as the Pierlite Group is a global brand, however, we operate based on our New Zealand ethos. Therefore, we can offer our customers globally leading technology while adapting our products and services to a specialised New Zealand environment.

Furthermore, we outperform our competitors when it comes to customer convenience. We focus strongly on ensuring our wholesalers have a balance between the stock they have on hand and their supporting sales output. While many companies would deliver three months’ worth of stock to wholesalers to save on costs, Pierlite partners with our wholesalers to create initiatives that will sell out products. This creates in-store demand, which provides an effective solution for our wholesale partners and their customers. This ethos is reflected across our New Zealand-based customer services team that actively seeks alternatives and solutions to best support our customers.

Another way Pierlite outshines our competitors is through our thorough and efficient production network. At Pierlite New Zealand, we have our own warehousing facility and assembly teams. This allows us to be highly responsive and adaptable to customer needs – we modify products, take returns, manage deliveries, split products, or consolidate into job lots. I believe that this sort of customer-centric warehousing network is what keeps our customers returning to us. We have that perfect balance of having innovative technology, accessible and available products, fantastic warranties, and the commitment to serve customers better than any of our competitors.

I believe Pierlite is one of the most (if not the most!) customer-centric companies in the industry. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing Pierlite’s perspective on customer-centricity, and how we continue to ensure customer satisfaction. The possibilities are limitless when you actively seek out customer feedback and commit your business to meeting the current and future needs of your customers. One of the highlights of being Country Manager of Pierlite New Zealand is being able to see every department work together towards the shared goal of keeping customers happy.

Media release

9 February 2022

GLG to sell Pierlite business to world lighting leader Signify

The Board of Gerard Lighting Group (GLG) has signed a contract for the sale of GLG’s Pierlite business to Signify N.V (Signify), a world leader in lighting and technology solutions.

Formerly known as Philips Lighting and headquartered in the Netherlands, Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals and consumers and lighting for Internet of Things (IoT). Signify is active in more than 70 countries, with over 37,000 employees and annual 2021 sales of EUR 6.9 billion. Its portfolio of well-known lighting brands includes Philips, Philips Dynalite, Philips Hue, Interact, Color Kinetics and WiZ.

GLG’s Pierlite business is one of Australia and New Zealand’s oldest and largest lighting and technology companies, with a portfolio of 14 brands that cater to commercial, industrial, healthcare and education customers. Pierlite’s solutions include a portfolio of LED luminaires, connected IoT ecosystems and Design on Demand solutions via its Beyond Light offering. In Australia and New Zealand, Pierlite also offers local design and engineering, scalable product assembly, a robust network of partners and suppliers, as well as the Southern Hemisphere’s largest lighting laboratory.

Ankura Consulting acted as GLG’s financial advisor to the sale.

In announcing the sale of Pierlite, GLG Chairman Ben Sebel said Signify’s scale and world-wide footprint will rapidly accelerate Pierlite’s growth and enable the business to better service the ANZ market.

“We’re very proud of the growth achieved by Pierlite in Australia and New Zealand over its 70-year history, bringing world class lighting solutions to market, establishing a robust worldwide network of suppliers and partners, and importantly, delivering on large-scale projects to meet the needs of our customers,” said Mr Sebel.

“This deal represents the beginning of the next chapter for Pierlite as it joins the Signify portfolio. This is a natural home for Pierlite, bringing together two companies with highly complementary operations and a deep culture of innovation. It brings significant opportunity for Pierlite to scale up its offering in the ANZ market, supported by the resourcing and capabilities of a world leader.”

Pierlite CEO Gustav Arianto said the sale presents new opportunities for Pierlite to better service its customer base and enhance its offering.

“It is a big day for us at Pierlite and there is a lot to look forward to as we embark on our next phase of growth with Signify. For years to come, our valued customers, suppliers and staff will greatly benefit from the opportunities and synergies that come with Pierlite joining the world’s lighting leader. I’m delighted that after a period of transformation, growth and assessment of strategic options, Pierlite will finally be home,” said Mr Arianto.

Pierlite’s operations, including its workforce, management structure, and existing pricing and supply arrangements will remain unchanged. The sale process is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022, subject to customary closing conditions.


The correct lighting can transform your company’s productivity and boost employee satisfaction, whilst employing sustainable business practices. Sustainability has never been so important and is a key area employees and customers look for in a business, before deciding to support them with their skills and expertise.  

The amount of lighting power allowed in new buildings has significantly reduced, following changes to section J6 (Artificial Lighting and Power) of the National Construction Code, in 2020. Just as legislation is moving forward in ensuring sustainability, so must your business. Through simple technological and design changes, your business can easily reduce its lighting power whilst maintaining productivity and saving the environment.

Did you know? Lighting can account for up to 50% of a business’s energy usage. By altering your lighting design, ultilising dimmers and sensors businesses can create cost-effective and environmentally sustainable workplaces for their employees.

Lighting that understands human biology

Have you ever felt better by simply walking outside in the sunshine? Human centric lighting focuses on designing an environment that mirrors natural daylight, benefiting individuals by improving their mental health, wellbeing, and performance. Human centric lighting powers Australian businesses and future-proofs their assets by focusing on the employee, their needs, and global concerns.

Sleep, glorious sleep! Natural daylight helps manage our circadian rhythm, which is how our body knows when we should sleep and when we should be awake. Studies have found that exposure to poor artificial lighting environments negatively impacts our sleep patterns. This can increase our cortisol levels, making employees more stressed and tired – not exactly great for getting work done. To combat this, businesses can make small changes to their lighting design, which will directly correlate to increased productivity.

Whilst creating an office space that exploits natural daylight is important, it is not always possible. LED lights are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and boast long lifespans making them a perfect choice for any business, large or small. Many businesses opt for cool white LED lights, as these are the best at mimicking natural daylight.

Here are some easy tips to help you manufacture the perfect lighting environment:

  • Dim those overheads! Bright lights are not always conducive to increased productivity and employee wellbeing. By dimming the overheads, especially near the end of the workday, this will benefit your employee’s circadian rhythm and allow their eyes to rest from the bright glare.
  • Leave the blue light behind. Whilst the effects of blue light are mitigated by daylight, once the sun begins to set, it can have negative impacts on your employees. Blue light impedes employees’ sleep patterns, can cause eye strain, and is a trigger for headaches. Opting for other lighting alternatives is recommended, particularly for workplaces where employees are on devices for most of the day.
  • Get nifty. Whilst we have recognised that getting daylight in office environments can be tricky, a simple hack to maximise its benefits is to move the furniture around. If there’s a sunny spot for most of the day, think about moving desks and workstations there. This will allow your employees to experience the benefits of natural light, whilst also reducing your energy costs.

We focus on what matters

Sustainability is no longer just a dream. With new lighting innovations, design ideas and technological advancements, businesses can ensure the future remains bright. Employees and customers demand sustainable business practices reflecting the need for holistic lighting methods; lighting that looks after your employees and the world.

Dimmers and sensors are your best friends. Sustainable lighting design is all about reducing energy output whilst maintaining workplace efficiency. It is important to assess where your office needs lighting and where reductions can be made. If areas are lit for most of the day, consider dimming overheads. Try and identify areas that are not used regularly or for parts of the day. If your office has meeting rooms, bathrooms or a kitchen area, utilising motion sensors will ensure lights are only being used when people need them. Think of lighting like a subscription service, if no one is using it, don’t pay for it. If areas aren’t being used, turn off those lights!

Make the switch to LED. Technology has improved significantly which has seen LED become more and more energy efficient. Simply changing your lights to LED will result in financial savings and a reduction in carbon emissions. Why wouldn’t you want to get the same amount of light for less money and fewer carbon emissions?

Pierlite is committed to its sustainability objectives and are signatories on multiple environmental initiatives:

  • FluoroCycle is a national initiative to increase the recycling of mercury containing lamps. With a focus on the commercial and industrial sectors, FluoroCycle is committed to reducing the amount of mercury pollution within the environment.
  • ExitCycle promotes sustainability through ensuring emergency and exit lighting batteries are properly recycled. Commercial signatories are committed to recycling a minimum 95% of emergency and exit lighting batteries.
  • The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is committed to creating a circular economy for packaging materials. It aims to keep packaging out of landfill whilst ensuring the integrity of the materials are maintained.

Did you know? If fluoro tubes are incorrectly recycled, the mercury within them can pollute the air, water, and soil, severely impacting the environment. One fluoro tube has the power to pollute up to 30,000 litres of water, making it unsafe for human consumption!

Engineering a bright future

With people spending an average 80-90% of their lives indoors, getting the lighting right has never been more important.

Pierlite has many world-class products available that will immediately benefit the workplace environment and the natural environment. Products like our DOT downlight ranges, Oculed, and Momentum Troffers have been designed and developed to reduce energy expenditure and increase efficiency. Design ideas that exploit natural daylight and other lighting accessories such as dimmers and motion sensors are also great additions that ensure your business is powered sustainably.

Developer : Stride Property
Architect : The Buchan Group
Electrical Engineer : Electrical Consulting Services (ECS)
Lighting Supplier : Aesthetics

When Stride Property awarded the contract for the design for the brand new retail and office complex in New Zealand’s largest city, the task of ensuring that the vast network of buildings was fitted with adequate commercial lighting may have seemed a little daunting to most. Even so, when the NorthWest Shopping Centre, found on Fred Taylor Drive and Maki Street in Auckland, opened in early October 2015 with complete lighting systems fully operational, it was apparent that an expert team must have carried out the work.

LED extrusion used at the ‘NorthWest’ – got in touch with Dale Wartnaby, Senior Electrical Engineer at Electrical Consulting Services (ECS) on the project. Dale has been at the very frontier of her field for the best part of 40 years, so who better to gain an insight from than the person that played a big role in lighting up one of Auckland’s most exciting new developments? Let’s take a look at what she had to say about this intriguing project.

Challenge accepted

The actual design of the building also threw up several challenges for Dale and the ECS team. For example, there are several areas in the centre where the ceiling rises from the ground floor shopping level right up to a high-level wooden ceiling, with the clerestory windows on either side. For the ceiling, linear extruded fittings were chosen, appearing in a random pattern along its length.

However, because the clerestory windows on the western side of the concourse allowed in ample amount of natural light, there was little need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. Hence, lighting in these particular areas needed to be automatically dimmed via the control system. However, it remained a challenge to ensure that uniform illumination was achieved outside daylight hours using this random layout.

It was necessary, therefore, for Russ Kern at ECS to spend a great deal of time both setting up the 3D model and running calculations to make sure that the desired result was achieved, and also to meet the design criteria.

The right lights

For the wooden ceilings, Dale opted for Austube 60 Greenstar LED Square aluminium extrusion. The body of the fittings are finished in black, meaning that they blend seamlessly when installed in between the dark slats. For the lower level plaster ceilings, Austube 50 Greenstar LED Recessed was chosen. In both of these areas, the lighting met the illumination targets laid out in the initial concept design.

It’s only fair to point out, though, that Aesthetics Lighting Solutions supplied the LED extrusions for this project, and that other fittings throughout the building were supplied by other companies. Even so, why not take a walk through the NorthWest Shopping Centre to check out the great example of a creative and innovative design?

Developer : Cooper and Company
Architect : Peddle Thorp
Electrical Engineer : NDY
Main Contractor : Hawkins
Electrical Contractor : TS Bishop
Lighting Supplier : Aesthetics

An Iconic Heritage

In downtown Auckland’s Britomart business district stand the Australis and Nathan buildings – two 100 year old iconic, heritage listed buildings.Recently refurbished to offer luxury office and retail spaces, they now house iconic retail stores Tiffany & Co. and Chanel on their ground floor retail areas. In the floors above, the 4000m2 office levels aim to enhance the natural building character, while delivering sleek, modern design to attract prestigious commercial tenants.

Lighting Up History

Aesthetics Lighting* was asked to deliver the required quality of office lighting to highlight the architectural features of this historic building, while ensuring it was in line with today’s best practice standards. The solution needed to combine functionality and energy saving features while emphasising the building’s many aesthetic qualities, such as exposed timber rafters, beams, original ceiling and brickwork.

Two office space areas featured a totally exposed ceiling on one side, while a special suspended ceiling of custom black perforated tiles adorned the opposite space. Stairwells had limited areas to mount lighting, which called for a practical solution.

Delivering On The Challenge

Aesthetics Lighting* answered the challenge with not one, but two, different lighting solutions to achieve the required result. Within Aesthetics Lighting’s stable of products (View Aesthetics’s Product Range), two products were chosen that delivered the luxury character of the project as well as the optimum lighting levels for a workspace.

The Futcha LED recessed module was customised into a perforated black tile, seamlessly matching it with its surrounds. An Austube 60 Greenstar LED Beam product was also suspended in the exposed timber area, powder coated in black to blend with the rest of the design palette. The stairwells were also required to have practical lighting with minimum impact on the architecture. This was achieved with wall mount Austube 50 Slot Greenstar units.

Using the vast resources at the disposal of the Gerard group, it was possible to match the brief – exactly.

Best Practice Levels

The outcome was successful from both aesthetic and functional viewpoints. The energy consumption was at best practice levels for 2016.
These centuries-old buildings have not only been restored to their former glory, they also now boast better light levels and lower power consumption than most of their surrounding downtown counterparts.

*Aesthetics Lighting is Gerard Lighting’s professional/specification division in NZ

With the largest lighting lab and testing facility in the southern hemisphere, our INNOVATION CENTRE can develop lighting solutions that not only meet but far exceed compliance in many cases.

The 640m2 Innovation Centre in Padstow NSW is a state-of-the-art facility; the largest privately-owned lab in Australia, designed to showcase and demonstrate the capabilities of Pierlite’s products to customers.

Pierlite is one of the few Australian lighting manufacturers that now have an onsite testing facility, with most other lighting companies using outside independent test houses.

  • A team of experienced and dedicates test engineers
  • Photometry testing
  • Thermal chambers
  • Endurance chambers
  • Testing facilities for electromagnetic compatibility
  • IP chambers for both water and dust

Every test we employ is designed to give customers confidence that the investment they are making in Pierlite products is a sound one.

Lab Testing

Photometric Testing

Flammability Testing

Thermal Testing

IP Test – Sand Blasting

IP Test – Water Ingression

IK Test – Impact Resistance

EMC Testing

Endurance Testing