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Sustainable Lighting Design

The correct lighting can transform your company’s productivity and boost employee satisfaction, whilst employing sustainable business practices. Sustainability has never been so important and is a key area employees and customers look for in a business, before deciding to support them with their skills and expertise.

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Innovation Centre

With the largest lighting lab and testing facility in the southern hemisphere, our INNOVATION CENTRE can develop lighting solutions that not only meet but far exceed compliance in many cases.

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NorthWest Shopping Centre

When Stride Property awarded the contract for the design for the brand new retail and office complex in New Zealand’s largest city, the task of ensuring that the vast network of buildings was fitted with adequate commercial lighting may have seemed a little daunting to most.

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Australis & Nathan Buildings

In downtown Auckland’s Britomart business district stand the Australis and Nathan buildings – two 100 year old iconic, heritage listed buildings.Recently refurbished to offer luxury office and retail spaces, they now house iconic retail stores Tiffany & Co.

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